Wobbly Windows Are Making a Comeback

Wobbly Windows Are Making a Comeback


Wobbly windows and other desktop effects might be making their way BACK to the Ubuntu desktop, all thanks to a new project by a former Compiz developer.
If your first formative steps with Linux took place in the latter part of the last decade then a) you have my mutual sympathy on being old (sucks, doesn’t it?) and b) there’s a good chance you used wobbly windows and other OTT effects on your own Ubuntu desktop.
All of the over-the-top animations we oldies look back on nostalgically, from the navigable 3D desktop cube to the folding ‘close window’ animation that turned apps into paper planes, were handled by the (then very powerful and very popular) Compiz window manager.
Wobbly windows are getting ready to wobble again thanks to a new project by a former Compiz developer
Ubuntu 11.04 to 17.04 shipped the Compiz window manager by default, and the Unity desktop was (after a stalled Qml port) implemented as a Compiz plugin.
Which is where Sam Spilsbury, the former chief developer of Compiz, and his new window animation library come in.
The ‘libanimation‘ project aims to implement wobbly windows and other effects on the modern Linux desktop in a way that lets third-party window managers use them.
We’re talking window animations like zoom, bounce, glide, and — be still my beating heart — the ‘magic lamp‘ minimizing effect.

Source: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/09/wobbly-windows-new-libanimation-linux-library
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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