Solus 3.9999 ISO Refresh Released

Solus 3.9999 ISO Refresh Released


While the release of Solus 4 isn’t around the corner for some time, the developers of this neat-looking and fast Linux distro have gone ahead and pushed a Solus 3 ISO refresh. They’ve called it Solus 3.9999.
Since it’s an ISO refresh, it goes without saying that Solus 3.9999 ships with all the recent updates and security fixes released in the recent past. This makes it great for any new user who wishes to perform a fresh installation of Solus on a computer.
3.9999 also arrives with an updated set of application to ensure better performance, including Firefox 62, LibreOffice, Thunderbird 60, and Rhythmbox 3.4.2. Coming to media players, the MATE version comes with VLC 3.0.3, and GNOME edition has GNOME MPV 0.14.
The Adapta GTK Theme for apps and Papirus Icon Theme for icons has also been updated.
Moving on to the kernel, Solus 3.9999 is powered by Linux kernel 4.18.5 that brings improved support for the existing Intel, Nvidia and AMD hardware; some newer releases like AMD Threadripper 2 are also now supported with the new kernel.
The GNOME and MATE versions come with their respective changes. For example, Removable Drive extension is now enabled by default in GNOME; it also comes with GNOME Photos out of the box.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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