Linux Code Of Conduct Might See Some Changes Before 4.19 Release

Linux Code Of Conduct Might See Some Changes Before 4.19 Release


The Linux development saw some big changes in the recent weeks — Linus Torvalds went on a break from Linux development, and a new Code of Conduct was also introduced to make the community more welcoming.
It seems that the Code of Conduct will see some changes before Linux kernel 4.19 is released. As reported by Phoronix, longtime kernel developer James Bottomley has proposed two fixes. So let’s tell you about them in brief —
The first proposed patch deals with the ambiguity about collecting email address. Since the Linux kernel development process deeply integrates email addresses and publishing it as a part of the patch process, there could be some confusion among the developers.
So, James has proposed to add an exception for this kind of email address collection.
The second patch is regarding the CoC enforcement. At the moment, the code mentions that all the instances of abusing, harassment, and unacceptable behavior may be reported to Technical Advisory Board (TAB); the complaints will be reviewed, and TAB will maintain confidentiality regarding the reporter.
James has proposed that since the actual enforcement process is yet to be determined, the TAB clause should be dropped until the community decides something concrete.
The Linux kernel 4.19 release is expected to arrive after two weeks.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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