Linus Torvalds Discusses His Return To Linux Development

Linus Torvalds Discusses His Return To Linux Development


Following the release of Linux kernel 4.19, the 4.20 (or 5.0) merge window is now open. Linus Torvalds is also back at the driver seat to take care of the Linux development.
At the Linux’s Maintainers’ Summit in Scotland, Torvalds spoke with ZDNet and discussed the future plans and recent developments.
In the interview, he expressed relief over the fact over that now Greg Kroah-Hartman also has the write rights to the kernel tree. This will obviously reduce some pressure off Torvalds’ shoulders. In the future, he also plans to add another maintainer.
Now comes the biggest part: his decision to take some time off.
He said that the progress on a personal level is a continuing process and “for now I have an email filter in place.” Torvalds is also talking to a professional to improve his behavior.
Talking about the much talked about Linux Code of Conduct, Torvalds said that he wants it to be left alone for now and people shouldn’t worry about hypothetical situations.
“If real issues do come up in the future, we will address them then, as we always have the option to change and revisit things as needed,” he added.

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