Fedora 29 Released For Bleeding-edge Linux Desktop Experience

Fedora 29 Released For Bleeding-edge Linux Desktop Experience


Fedora is known to offer a bleeding edge Linux desktop experience; other distributions often employ many new technologies that are first implemented by Fedora. It’s also known as RHEL’s testing lab as Red Hat provides the newest features to Fedora users before shipping them in RHEL.
Following the same trend, the Red Hat-supported and community-driven Fedora has just received its latest update in the form of Fedora 29. The next week also marks 15 years since the initial release of Fedora Core 1, so it’s kind of special.
What makes Fedora 29 more exciting is the fact that it’s the first release to include Fedora Modularity feature on all different versions and spins. With Modularity, the developers can ship different versions of a package on the same base. You can choose a version of the software that matches your needs.
Another big change that’ll surely be noticeable to users is GNOME 3.30 that comes with its own set of features and changes. It goes without saying that a large number of open source packages are now updated.
Fedora 29 also marks the first release of Silverblue variant. It’s the new face of Fedora Atomic Workstation from Project Atomic. With the focus on container-based workflows, this Workstation version targets developers.

Source: https://fossbytes.com/fedora-29-released-features-download-linux/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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