Fresh Linux Mint 19.1 Arrives This Christmas

Fresh Linux Mint 19.1 Arrives This Christmas


According to the Linux Mint blog, all three editions of the OS — Xfce, Cinnamon and MATE — will be available simultaneously, with upgrade paths open before the holiday season.
On the business front, the Linux Mint team announced it received more than $9000 in donations for the month of October 2018, and they’ve also launched Patreon support in addition to PayPal.
Linux Mint 19.1 will feature several visual and workflow enhancements, including symbolic icons instead of the traditional monochrome ones, grouped windows and some subtle improvements to the Mint-Y theme’s contrast.
The most notable visual improvement comes in the form of a larger and darker 40px panel for Cinnamon 4.0, with upgraded icons (something I’ve personally craved from the OS, especially on larger screens). Via the blog, Clement Lefebvre writes: “Each panel zone can now have a crisp icon size such as 16, 22, 24, 32, 48 or 64px or it can be made to scale either exactly (to fit the panel size) or optimally (to scale down to the largest crisp icon size which fits in the panel).”

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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