Uber Joins Linux Foundation As A Gold Member

Uber Joins Linux Foundation As A Gold Member


The Linux Foundation has announced that Uber is the newest Gold member to join the non-profit organization. Uber made the announcement at the 2018 Uber Open Summit committing to use and contribution to open-source tools.
Uber’s CTO, Thuan Pham said, “We are honored to join the Linux Foundation to foster greater collaboration with the open source community.”
Uber is now a member of Linux Foundation’s TODO Group as well — an open group of companies that collaborate on various tools and practices to run successful and useful open source projects and programs.
Uber has actively contributed to open source domain for years by creating popular projects like “Jaeger and Horovod that help businesses build technology at scale.”
According to the data provided by Uber, it has already worked on as many as 320 open-source projects and repositories from 1,500 contributors which involve over 70,000 commits.
Given that Uber has been using open source in its core tools for so many years, we wonder why it took so long to join the foundation.
But now that Uber is here, it will be joining the league of Gold members that have more than 1,000 organizations as members. It includes famous names such as Facebook, Dell EMC, Accenture, Alibaba Cloud, Baidu, Toshiba, Toyota, Juniper Networks, Oath, Panasonic, etc.
The Linux Foundation offers three membership tiers, namely, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. As a Gold member, Uber will contribute $100,000 each year to the foundation.
Jim Zemlin, The Linux Foundation’s Executive Director, says that Uber’s “expertise will be instrumental” for open source projects. It will help in the advancement of “cloud native technologies, deep learning, data visualization and other technologies that are critical to businesses today.”

Source: https://fossbytes.com/uber-joins-linux-foundation-as-a-gold-member/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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