Transfer.Sh Not Going Down After All

Transfer.Sh Not Going Down After All


The highly popular Linux shell-based file sharing website,, announced some time ago it would be shutting down on November 30. This came as quite sad news for the Linux community, as’s service made it incredibly easy to share files from your Linux PC, using only the terminal. will host your files for up to 14 days before they are removed – thus, the service is used by a lot of different people. Remco Verhoef, owner and creator of, once mentioned in an interview that “Some are using it for uploading log files … sometimes it is abused, by distributing malware, botnets, and other malicious tools … One time a porn website was serving porn images through us, and we had all the photos replaced by dogs and kittens”.
It seems like the service was being ran entirely out-of-pocket, so it was anyone’s guess how long the service would last. With so many files being uploaded to the servers, running the site was definitely becoming problematic. Thus came the announcement that would be shutting down on November 30.
However, it seems has escaped the jaws of oblivion, and has partnered with Storj Labs to keep the project running. Storj Labs is a cloud-storage company, so they should definitely have the ability to keep up and running – perhaps even faster.



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