Red Hat buys cloud storage provider Noobaa

Red Hat buys cloud storage provider Noobaa


Red Hat, which is currently being purchased by IBM for $ 34 billion, is now announcing the acquisition of Israeli multi-cloud specialist Noobaa, founded in 2013. Multi-cloud is an approach in which more than one cloud service is used by more than one public or private cloud provider.
Noobaa is a startup that helps multi-cloud organizations manage their data more easily and access their various data sources through a single API. This provides organizations with the ability to manage, deploy, and migrate data storage across private and public clouds. This includes support for Alibaba, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
Red Hat already offers some hybrid cloud tools with the OpenShift Container Platform and Ceph Storage, so Noobaa fits in well with this portfolio, with its storage management across multiple cloud implementations providing an increasingly popular business model.
So far Noobaa is a software under a proprietary license, a community edition is limited in the amount of the maximum possible amount of storage. Parts of the software come from third parties and are open source, they are subject to the respective licenses. The company says it plans to open NooBaa’s technology, although the exact timetable has not yet been set. The purchase price was not disclosed publicly.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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