BlackArch Linux Updated Is Over 10GB, but Full of New Tools

BlackArch Linux Updated Is Over 10GB, but Full of New Tools


The growingly popular Arch-Linux based BlackArch Linux has just been updated to version 2018.12.01 (yes, they are numbering releases based on the date), and it brings a whole slew of new tools – 150, to be exact. Users will find that this brings BlackArch Linux’s total amount of tools to around 2000.
BlackArch Linux is a penetrative-testing focused OS, much similar to Kali Nethunter. That is why its called BlackArch (for BlackHats, right?).
In this latest release, the Linux kernel has been upgraded to kernel version 4.19.4, as well as updates to all of the window manager menus and system packages.
Furthermore, a ‘bactl’ package was added, which is a script that allows the user to configure their BlackArch environment. The wicd service has been enabled by default, while dwm and wmii window managers were removed.
You can view the full changelog for this BlackArch Linux update over on the distro’s blog, as well as see the entire list of tools (its super long) included in the OS on the tools page.
At over 10GB in size, the OS is still small enough to be placed on a USB media or VirtualBox. However, the OS also offers a smaller “netinst” image, for network installations.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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