Google’s File Manager For Android Gets External Storage Support

Google’s File Manager For Android Gets External Storage Support


Earlier, Android users used all kinds of File Manager apps since Google didn’t have its own file management app. However, that changed when Google rolled out Files by Google (formerly Files Go) last year.
Apart from being completely ad-free, this Android app has many exciting features like sharing files wirelessly without needing internet, cleaning up junk storage, and many more.
Google has rolled out an update to the app that brings support for the external storage. In other words, when connected, you will see the same folder structure for the external storage as shown in the internal one.
Some of you still might not know how to connect external storage (USB, hard disk, etc.) to an Android device. Well, here is a short guide:

Buy a USB On-the-Go cable, OTG Cable or a Quick Switch Adapter (For USB Type-C users)
Connect the external drive to the USB port of the cable
Now, connect the Type-C port to your phone.
Tap on the USB Drive notification on the Android device.

Now, the device will automatically open Files by Google app. From here on, you can see the files on the external drive, play media content, move files, etc.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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