Mozilla Firefox 64 Is Now Available for All Supported Ubuntu Linux Releases

Mozilla Firefox 64 Is Now Available for All Supported Ubuntu Linux Releases


Mozilla Firefox 64.0 continues the “Quantum” series with new features and improvements, including better recommendations for US users by showing suggestions about new and relevant Firefox features, services, and extensions based on their browsing habbits, enhanced tab management by allowing you to more easily and quickly close, move, pin, or bookmark tabs.
This release also makes it easier to manage performance via a new “Task Manager” accessible from the about:performance page, allowing users to view which tabs consume more CPU time so you can close them to conserve power, adds link time optimization (Clang LTO) for Linux and Mac users, as well as a new toolbar context menu option to remove add-ons.
Other noteworthy changes included in the Firefox 64.0 release are a redesigned about:crashes page to make it more clear when browser crashes are submitted to Mozilla and that locally removed crashes aren’t removed from, makes live bookmarks and RSS feed preview available only via add-ons, and deprecates support for TLS certificates issued by Symantec.
For web developers, Mozilla Firefox 64 adds support for a new CSS scrollbar specification, support for highlighting JavaScript syntaxes via Web Console’s command line, the ability to overlay up to three CSS grids simultaneously in the CSS Grid Inspector, and other enhancements.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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