Opera brings a flurry of crypto features to its Android mobile browser

Opera brings a flurry of crypto features to its Android mobile browser


Crypto markets may be down, down, down, but that isn’t stopping Opera’s crypto features — first released in beta in July — from rolling out to all users of its core mobile browser today as the company bids to capture the “decentralized internet” flag early on.
Opera — the world’s fifth most-used browser, according to Statcounter — released the new Opera Browser for Android that includes a built-in crypto wallet for receiving and sending Bitcoin and other tokens, while it also allows for crypto-based commerce where supported. So on e-commerce sites that accept payment via Coinbase Commerce, or other payment providers, Opera users can buy using a password or even their fingerprint.
Those are the headline features that’ll get the most use in the here and now, but Opera is also talking up its support for “Web 3.0” — the so-called decentralized internet of the future based on blockchain technology.
For that, Opera has integrated the Ethereum web3 API, which will allow users of the browser to access decentralized apps (Dapps) based on Ethereum. There’s also token support for Cryptokitties, the once-hot collectible game that seemingly every single decentralized internet product works with in one way or another.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/13/phantomware-of-the-opera/?guccounter=1
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