FreeBSD wants to switch to Linux port code for ZFS

FreeBSD wants to switch to Linux port code for ZFS


Shortly after Oracle took over Sun, community Forks formed, which continue to lead the open SOURCE projects of Sun under own guidance usually to today – so also for the file system ZFS developed originally for Solaris. Despite several attempts at coordinated collaboration, porting and ZFS implementations used for different operating systems are still different. However, the FreeBSD project now plans to change its source code for ZFS to the Linux port of the file system (ZoL). This will probably be the main source for the further development of ZFS.
So far, FreeBSD has used the implementation provided by the Opensolaris extension Illumos as the output for its ZFS code. One of the responsible developers, Matthew Macy, now reports on a mailing list from FreeBSD, that the so far remaining remaining commercial supporters of the ZFS code in Illumos, however, wants to switch to the ZoL implementation in the future.
In Illumos, the development of new functions will be very small or will not happen at all. ZoL, on the other hand, will continue to be active in the future and has already received important features or bug fixes in the past that did not end up in the code of Illumos and therefore not in FreeBSD.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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