Arch Linux Kicks Off 2019 with First Snapshot Powered by Linux Kernel...

Arch Linux Kicks Off 2019 with First Snapshot Powered by Linux Kernel 4.20


Arch Linux 2019.01.01 is now available and it is the first snapshot of the popular Linux-based operating system in 2019, shipping with a new Linux kernel and all the package updates released during December 2018, since the release of the Arch Linux 2018.12.01, which was powered by Linux kernel 4.19.4.

Considering the fact that Linux kernel 4.20 was just released a couple of weeks ago, near the Christmas holidays, this would be a record for the Arch Linux developers to ship the new ISO snapshot with the most recent Linux kernel series, which can only mean that it successfully passed all tests.

With that in mind, if you plan on reinstalling your Arch Linux box or if you want to deploy the Linux-based operating system on new computers, you can go ahead and download the Arch Linux 2019.01.01 ISO image from the official website. We remind existing Arch Linux users that they don’t need to download the latest ISO snapshot to keep their installations up to date. As such, if you want your Arch Linux-powered computer to run the latest Linux 4.20 kernel, all you have to do is run the “sudo pacman -Syu” command in a terminal emulator.


Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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