Debian-Based DebEX OS Now Shipping with Linux Kernel 5.0 and Budgie Desktop...

Debian-Based DebEX OS Now Shipping with Linux Kernel 5.0 and Budgie Desktop 10.4


DebEX Build 190128 is now available with the Budgie 10.4 desktop environment, and it’s the first release of the GNU/Linux distribution to ship with the soon-to-be-released Linux 5.0 kernel. This release is based on the upcoming Debian GNU/Linux 10 “Buster” operating system series, which is currently available as Debian Testing.
The biggest news is the implementation of the Linux 5.0 kernel as Arne Exton took the risk to add a pre-release version into his DebEX operating system. Therefore, DebEX Build 190128 is using Linux kernel 5.0.0 RC3, which means that it shouldn’t be installed on production systems.
Another change in this new DebEX Budgie release is the fact that the ISO image decreased in size from 1.3 GB to 925 MB, making it easier to run the operating system directly from RAM without installing anything on your computer. “That ability allows DebEX Budgie to be very fast, since reading and writing data from/to RAM is much faster than on a hard disk drive,” says the developer.
Also, DebEX Budgie is now shipping with the latest Calamares 3.2.3 graphical installer and Refracta Snapshot, a tool that lets you create your own Debian-based live distribution, a process that only takes up to 50 minutes. “You don’t even have to install DebEX to hard drive before you can use the Refracta tools,” added Arne Exton in the release announcement.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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