SystemRescueCd 6.0.0 released

SystemRescueCd 6.0.0 released


SystemRescueCd is a Linux system on a bootable CD or USB stick that provides an easy way to perform administrative tasks on the computer, e.g. the creation and modification of partitions or the backup of data. It contains many system programs, including parted, partimage and fstools, and important programs like editors, midnight commander and network tools. It also includes QtParted, a Partition Magic clone that makes it easy to change partitions with its graphical interface.
The version 5.0.0, released almost two years ago, has been constantly updated and extended with additional programs. But now a whole new generation of SystemRescueCd is available, increasing the version number to 6.0.0. The basis of the new version 6.0.0 is ArchLinux and no longer Gentoo. Reasons for this change were not announced. However, one immediate consequence of this is that the new SystemRescueCd no longer supports 32-bit systems. Although such systems are now shrinking, affected users must either stay with the older 5.x versions of SystemRescueCd or use other systems such as Grml.
Due to the changeover and the use of the Archiso tool from Arch Linux, the size of the CD image has grown to 888 MB, which means that it only fits on oversized CDs – but this does not matter when using a USB stick. The other changes to the new version consist mainly of updates. For example, the kernel is Linux 4.19, which will be maintained as an LTS version for six years. The graphical environment is Xfce 4.12. The keyboard layout can already be selected at the boot prompt. Other updated programs are e2fsprogs 1.44.5, xfsprogs 4.19.0, btrfs-progs 4.19.1, gparted 0.33.0 and lvm2 2.02.183.
SystemRescueCd 6.0.0 can be downloaded as an ISO image from Sourceforge. It can also be used for a bootable USB stick and the system can also be installed on the hard disk.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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