Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 Coming to Ubuntu Phones on March 6th with More...

Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 Coming to Ubuntu Phones on March 6th with More Improvements


Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 is slated for release next week, on March 6th, 2019, but before it hits the streets the UBports community needs your help to test drive the pre-release builds and report any issues you may encounter to ensure the quality of the final release for everyone. Details on how to test Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 are available below.
Once again, the Morph browser is the star of this release as it received many improvements, including support for favicons, a new themed error page, custom user scripts and better loading of the initial page for Web Apps, system-wide theme support for tab headers, automatic closing of tabs in a window before closing it to stop all media, and better keyboard support for more devices.
The Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 update also brings improvements to other components and apps, including the Contacts app, which received better searching of contacts and new button colors in dialogs to match the design guidelines, and the Welcome Wizard, which now automatically focuses the first text field on every page.
Furthermore, Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 removes the Chromium-based Oxide web engine library and improves Unity 8 tests to enable support for ARM64 builds, makes the global “Pull to refresh…” text translatable, improves tests on the Ubuntu UI Toolkit (UITK), and small improvements to the Messaging app and USB tethering.
Last but not least, Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 looks to update the Android container pre-start script for halium-boot, the bootimg generator for Halium ports, which would enable the UBports developers to port Ubuntu Touch to more Android devices in the future. Once again, Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 is slated for release on March 6th, 2019.

Source: https://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-touch-ota-8-coming-to-ubuntu-phones-on-march-6th-with-more-improvements-525133.shtml
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