PureOS: One Linux for both PCs and smartphones

PureOS: One Linux for both PCs and smartphones


There are quite a few people out there who want the same Linux on both their smartphone and their PC. Perhaps the best known of them is Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth. He tried for years to ignite a market for Ubuntu Linux running on tablets, smartphones, and PCs. It didn’t work. After years of effort, Canonical gave up on its one operating system for all platforms plans. Dreams don’t die. Now, Purism, the open-source laptop and smartphone vendor, is bringing the idea back to life with future releases of its PureOS Linux distribution.
Purism started in 2015 as a free-software, crowd-sourced laptop manufacturer. It’s hardware is designed to be as free as possible of any proprietary firmware or binary code, popularly known as blobs. PureOS, itself, is a Debian Linux-based operating system. On it, PureOS supports the GNOME and KDE Plasma Mobile interfaces.
Put it all together and Purism has more control of the complete device stack from the chips on up to the interface than any of its competition except for Apple. But, even Apple, which has macOS for its computers and iOS for its tablets and iPhones, doesn’t try to run one operating system on both hardware platforms.

Source: https://www.zdnet.com/article/pureos-one-linux-for-both-pcs-and-smartphones/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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