Mozilla introduces Private Encrypted File Exchange with Firefox Send

Mozilla introduces Private Encrypted File Exchange with Firefox Send


Firefox Send first appeared in 2017 as an experiment of the now discontinued Test Pilot series. Now Mozilla provides the private file-sharing service as a stand-alone web app for free use. Firefox Send offers a simple web interface, in which data up to a GByte extent can be pulled in or filed without registration. The upload limit per file share can be increased to 2.5 GB by registering with the service or logging in using an existing Firefox account. Probably still in the week Firefox Send is also available for Android as a beta version.
When the data is uploaded, the user will be given a link where he can set how many downloads or how long the link expires and the data becomes unavailable. The range extends from one to 100 downloads. The availability of five minutes can be set over one hour, one day to one week. Optionally, the link can be protected with a password.
The recipient simply clicks on the link and can access the transferred data. He does not need to have Firefox or a Firefox account. Mozilla has developed the service following the same strict security principles that Firefox Sync follows, as the announcement states. Under the terms of the Firefox Cloud Services Terms, Mozilla has written a privacy statement for the new service, which also includes a link to the source code. According to the statement, Mozilla can not see the name or content of the encrypted file. Mozilla uses the Google Cloud Platform to store the transferred files.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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