GNOME 3.32 ‘Taipei’ is finally here! The best Linux desktop environment gets...

GNOME 3.32 ‘Taipei’ is finally here! The best Linux desktop environment gets even better


Whether or not a desktop environment is “best” is subjective. In other words, not all people prefer the same DE. Some folks like GNOME, others are KDE Plasma fans, and some Linux users choose something else. With that said, GNOME is the best. It is not debatable — please accept this fact. GNOME simply offers the most sensical user interface while also being beautiful. Look, when Canonical killed the much-maligned Unity, what DE was chosen as the new default DE for Ubuntu? Exactly — GNOME. Hell, GNOME bests both macOS and Windows 10 too.
Today, the best gets even better as GNOME 3.32 “Taipei” is finally here! The DE finally gets one of the most desired features — fractional scaling. While technically just experimental for now, it will allow users to better scale their desktops when using a HiDPI monitor. Speaking of appearances, GNOME finally gets refreshed icons, and yes, that matters. They look amazing and modern. Also cool? The on-screen keyboard has an emoji picker! User images are now all circular too, lending to a more cohesive and consistent feel. The excellent GNOME Software is getting an update too, with more transparent details about app permissions.
Unfortunately, GNOME launching a new version is kind of like Google releasing a new version of Android — cool, but you probably can’t have it right now. Like smartphone users waiting for their cell carrier to bless their device with a new version, with GNOME, you pretty much have to wait for your distribution maintainer to add it. In other words, be patient, dear Linux users, you will get GNOME 3.32 “Taipei” soon enough — just not today.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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