New Zorin OS 15 Beta Is Worth the Wait

New Zorin OS 15 Beta Is Worth the Wait


The Zorin OS 15 series, released last week in beta, introduces many changes to its desktop interface and utilities. It keeps Zorin on track with its goal of maintaining a Linux OS for everyone, not just advanced Linux users.
Zorin OS 15 beta is the first major release since Zorin OS 12 in late 2016. This edition is well worth the wait. Major releases of Zorin OS come only once every two years. Minor updates are released every few months as needed.
Zorin OS 15 is based on Ubuntu 18.04.2 Long Term Support. However, much of Zorin OS’ connection to Ubuntu stays under the hood. What you see on top is a solidly designed computing platform that lets you work without distractions or frustrations.
Zorin OS 15 beta has some of the latest technology that further highlights what this distro does best: It provides a Linux alternative that lets Windows users enjoy all the features of Linux without complications. This latest release takes the distro’s 10 years of development to the next level.
Developers have refined every element to offer a desktop experience that combines classic desktop technology with a user-friendly design. One of Zorin OS 15’s most impressive accomplishments is cementing a tighter integration between Linux desktop and Android mobile devices.
The features that help accomplish this goal include syncing the phone’s notifications with the computer, and the ability to browse photos on the computer from the phone. More than syncing content, new features bring the ability to reply to text messages and view conversations with contacts from the computer, as well as share files and Web links between devices, so that the phone serves as a remote control for the computer.
The Zorin OS comes in three options, but only one of them is cost-free. Zorin OS Core is a fully functional free edition that is more than capable of handling typical personal computing needs. The Core edition is a comfortable choice for small business and home users.
The Ultimate and the Business editions target business users with more advanced feature sets included. They each provide levels of user options that extend beyond the core feature set.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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