Fedora 30 Beta Released For Bleeding-edge Linux Experience

Fedora 30 Beta Released For Bleeding-edge Linux Experience


Developed by the community-driven Fedora Project and sponsored by the IBM-owned Red Hat, Fedora Linux distribution is known to feature cutting-edge technologies that often inspire other Linux distros to innovate; the Wayland display server is one such example. Fedora also serves as a testing ground for Red Hat’s commercial RHEL distribution.
The Fedora Project recently announced the release of Fedora 30 Beta to test its six variants: Workstation, Server, Silverblue, Spins, Labs, and ARM. The popular Workstation desktop ships with GNOME and you also get the option to go for KDE Plasma, Xfce, Pantheon, and DeepinDE. The Deepin DE and Pantheon desktops shipping with Fedora 30 Beta are the new options made available starting with this version. Talking specifically about the GNOME environment, it ships with the recently released GNOME 3.32 ‘Taipei’ that comes with a total of 26,438 changes. The base style colors are now saturated, and the overall visual style has been refreshed to offer a modern look.
Fedora Linux uses the DNF, or Dandified yum, software package manager to take care of different packages. To improve its performance, Fedora 30 Beta compresses all its DNF repository metadata with zchunk compression for higher efficiency.

Source: https://fossbytes.com/fedora-30-beta-linux-features-download/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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