Linux Is The Most Popular & Loved Platform Among Devs: Stack Overflow...

Linux Is The Most Popular & Loved Platform Among Devs: Stack Overflow Survey


Just yesterday, we brought you the list of the most popular programming languages as per the Stack Overflow’s annual developer survey. Being the largest survey of its kind, it’s able to deliver some fascinating insights regarding the current software development landscape. We, unsurprisingly, discovered that JavaScript continues to be the most popular programming language with about 70% of respondents using it.
In the second article of that series, we are going to tell you about the preferred platforms for development. The development platform is critical as it can either make you fall in love with your work or just drive you nuts. That’s why Stack Overflow asked developers about the platforms they love working for and the ones they’ve actually worked for in the past year.
As the article’s title has already revealed, Linux is the most popular platform among the survey respondents. Out of the 80,144 responses, 53.3% were in favor of Linux. This means that they’d done development work for Linux over the past year. This number has increased from last year’s 48.3%, which is a really encouraging sign for the open source community.
Linux was followed by its closed source nemesis Windows, which gained 50.5% votes. For the first time, Stack Overflow included container technologies in the survey, and Docker ended up at #3 with 31.5% votes.
Without a surprise, Linux also turned out to be the most loved platform for development with 83.1% votes. It means that developers surely loved working on Linux technologies. This is, again, an encouraging sign as this number has risen considerably as compared to last year’s 76.5%.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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