Ubuntu 19.04 Delivers A Welcome Surprise For Nvidia GPU Owners

Ubuntu 19.04 Delivers A Welcome Surprise For Nvidia GPU Owners


Ubuntu 19.04 is a only few days away, and it’s looking like the forthcoming Ubuntu Linux Gaming Report may get a slightly higher score than expected. That’s because the “out-of-box” graphics driver situation for Nvidia GPU owners is getting a very welcome update.
On the Ubuntu MATE blog, Martin Wimpress outlines what has changed between the 18.10 release last year and this week’s release, calling Ubuntu MATE 19.04 a “modest upgrade.” And there are indeed some notable new features so go check out those release notes. But Nvidia graphics card owners — particularly those who enjoy gaming and may be new to the desktop Linux world — will discover a new feature I’m thrilled to see.
During an Ubuntu MATE 19.04 installation, (and other flavors in the Ubuntu 19.04 family*), users can as always select the option to install 3rd party software. Said software now includes Nvidia’s proprietary graphics driver “suitable for your generation of Nvidia GPU.” For example, if you have an Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti, you’ll get version 418. Laptop users with an older GTX 960m would receive version 390.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2019/04/15/ubuntu-19-04-delivers-a-welcome-surprise-for-nvidia-gpu-owners/#724a2e8b3c93
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