Debian GNU / Linux 9.9 released

Debian GNU / Linux 9.9 released


About two months after the release of Debian 9.8, Debian 9.9 followed this weekend. The ninth update of the current stable release of Debian has an average size and fixes major bugs in 70 packages. As always, all such changes are limited to what is absolutely necessary to avoid regressions. In addition, security issues have been resolved from 51 Debian Security Advisories (DSA). Five packages were removed from the distribution due to incompatibility with current versions of Firefox ESR and Thunderbird.
The announcement points to something special when updating to Debian 9.9. Users who still use the outdated apt-get tool should work with the dist-upgrade command while apt or aptitude users should use the upgrade command.
Problems were fixed in the Debian kernel, in the Debian installer as well as in Flatpak, LibreOffice and Systemd. The five removed packages are add-ons to Firefox ESR and Thunderbird, which are no longer compatible with their current versions. Among the packages that received security fixes, packages from the web space are particularly prevalent. These include Drupal, Firefox ESR and Thunderbird, which each have closed several gaps. Systemd also resolved two security issues.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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