GCC: Switching to Git is approaching

GCC: Switching to Git is approaching


It is undeniable that GCC is one of the most complex free projects. Launched more than 30 years ago by GNU founder Richard Stallmann, the »GNU Compiler Collection« has become standard on many operating systems. GCC supports more architectures, programming languages ​​and operating systems than any other compiler. The compiler collection is portable, mature, standards compliant, and generates optimized code that is only surpassed by other compilers in individual cases. GCC provides the tools that make up all Linux distributions and countless embedded systems.
However, a disadvantage of the system is the long development time and the tools used for the creation. Currently, the maintenance of the sources takes place in an SVN repository, which has, however, been reaching its limits for quite some time. Efforts to convert the entire development to Git are therefore neither new nor revolutionary. However, they almost always failed due to the complexity of the project. Eric S. Raymond, for example, attempted a conversion using “Reposurgeon” in the summer of last year, but did not get any useful results either.
A new impetus could be the work now through a patch series by Maxim Kuvyrkov. The three scripts convert the entire repository of the GCC project and the associated branches as well as the numerous Git version notes, taking into account the various pitfalls and inconsistencies. These include, for example, deleted or renamed branches as well as orphaned entries.

Source: https://www.pro-linux.de/news/1/27071/gcc-umstieg-auf-git-kommt-n%C3%83%C2%A4her.html
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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