OnlyOffice 10.0 released

OnlyOffice 10.0 released


OnlyOffice is a comprehensive, free, web-based platform for enterprise collaboration, as well as office suite, project and document management. In addition, it contains a CRM and a mail aggregator. Collaboration platform functionality includes projects, milestones, tasks, reports, events, blogs, forums, bookmarks, wiki, instant messaging, and more. There is also a paid version with support.
The new version 10.0 of OnlyOffice contains numerous improvements in all modules. New two-factor authentication through an authenticator app (such as Google Authenticator or Authy) allows for a more secure login process. New access rights to documents allow other users to write comments or fill in certain fields of forms. An integrated media player enables the playback of audio and video files directly in the cloud, supporting all major formats. The LDAP settings have been improved to allow automatic synchronization of users according to schedule and extended attribute mapping.
The e-mail module has been completely updated. The management of folders, filters, transmission and read receipts has been improved and the mail server has been extended. The Projects module got intuitive tools for creating reports on Docbuilder, a tool for creating documents, and a separate page with the list of generated reports. The redesigned calendar also received new additional features, including synchronization via the CalDAV protocol and a “to-do” feature. Improvements in portal administration include a bulk import wizard and the optimization of user lists.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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