GNU Rush 2.0 introduced

GNU Rush 2.0 introduced


GNU Rush a “Restricted User Shell” is a shell of the GNU project, which specializes mainly in separation of user rights. Like other shell environments, rush also provides a working environment where users can log in and execute commands. One strength of the environment is the configuration that allows administrators to cover many aspects of rights management. Administrators are thus able to control all the commands of a user and, if necessary, to prevent unwanted actions in the run-up to execution.
The environment is particularly suitable for controlling remote access to a system. In particular, GNU Rush allows you to run remote programs in a chroot environment and control the resources used. Another important feature of GNU Rush is the communication with the system, which takes place via INET or UNIX sockets and provides data exchange with other systems. All accesses via Rush are also monitored and also visualized on request.
The now released version 2.0 of the environment focuses on the revision of the configuration system. The syntax has been standardized and partly simplified considerably. However, as the developers write, the new version still supports the old style and comes with old configuration files. This should allow users to easily update their systems to the latest version without running the risk of their environment being damaged or unsafe.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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