Anubis Android banking malware returns with extensive financial app hit list

Anubis Android banking malware returns with extensive financial app hit list


Over 17,000 new samples of the Anubis Android banking malware have been discovered in the wild which are targeting a total of 188 finance and banking applications.
The attacker behind the development of Anubis has been active for at least 12 years, and in order to stay current, has retooled the malware for use in fresh attack waves, Trend Micro researchers said on Monday.
The Anubis banking Trojan is often found in social engineering and phishing campaigns, in which unwitting victims are lured to download malicious apps containing the malware.
In total, 17,490 new samples of the malware have been found on two related servers by Trend Micro.
Anubis now targets 188 legitimate banking and financial mobile applications, located mainly in the US, India, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, and Poland.
Anubis is able to take screenshots, record audio, send, receive, and delete SMS messages, steal contact lists and account credentials, open URLs — potentially to download additional payloads — and is also able to disable Google Play Protect.
In addition, the Trojan is able to plunder the deeper settings of a compromised device by enabling or tampering with device administration settings, to view running tasks, and to create a backdoor for remote control through virtual network computing (VNC).
As the malware evolved, the developer also added a feature akin to ransomware; the ability to encrypt files stored on a mobile device and its SD card known as AnubisCrypt.
Furthermore, Anubis is able to receive commands from social media platforms including Twitter and messaging apps such as Telegram.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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