Starting signal for DebConf19

Starting signal for DebConf19


Debian’s annual developer conference held in changing locations DebConf returns to South America after 11 years. After Mar del Plata in Argentina in 2008, the contract was awarded to 2019 Curitiba in Brazil. The venue is the Federal University of Technology in the heart of the city. Traditionally, since 2003, the conference has been DebCamp, which hosts the event on site as a developer meeting, and the actual DebConf.
The DebCamp for the twentieth edition of DebConf started yesterday, on 14.7. and goes until 19.7. The 20.7. is reserved for the Open Day, which is aimed at the public, which will be introduced to Debian and free software on this day. The actual conference will start at 21.7. and goes until 28.7.
Preparations in Curitiba have been made by, among others, the Debian User Group Paraná and the Association Curitiba Livre. After initial calculations, DebConf19 is expected to cost around $ 100,000 for assumed 300 subscribers. The conference website lists 35 sponsors who contribute to the costs. In addition to many lectures, the program also includes working meetings and brief BoF (Birds of Feather) called informal meetings. Many of the 20 or 45-minute lectures will be broadcast live and archived later.
At DebConf, hundreds of Debian developers and members of the community meet each year to give lectures and hear, discuss future developments of the operating system, and push ahead with the next release. It is also an important social event where developers can interact in person who otherwise works together on mailing lists and IRCs throughout the year.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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