NPM: Standard 14 shows advertising

NPM: Standard 14 shows advertising


The Node Package Manager (NPM) is a management tool for the JavaScript runtime Node.js. The software is responsible for installing modules and manages the dependencies between the various components. NPM is being developed by the eponymous company »npm inc.«, Which, among other things, is responsible for the operation of the repositories and also finances various developers. Among other things, revenue is generated by hosting private packages that are not visible to the public.
As the developers of Standard announced, the behind-the-counter team plans to tap into new revenue streams and therefore, as of the current version of the application, displays ads promoting the installation of NPM.
The revenue from this advertising would use the team directly for the development of the tool. Among other things, the development of new functions and the correction of errors found will be financed.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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