Android 10 released

Android 10 released


After the recently announced versioning change, the new version of Android, unlike the beta versions, is no longer “Q” but only “10”, and there is no longer any code name. The new version features significant improvements in machine learning, support for foldable and 5G enabled smartphones, improved privacy and security, and improved usability.
As part of the Strobe project, Android continues to be enhanced with new measures to enhance security and privacy. Android 10 now includes an expanded selection of whether apps get access to location information. Already so far one could allow this individually for each app. Now you can still differentiate whether the app in the foreground or in the background may read the data. To access apps on shared files, new permissions have been introduced. Apps running in the background can no longer bring themselves to the foreground. You can only attract attention by a notification. Furthermore, access to device identification has been restricted. Android 10 also includes the improved Adiantum algorithm for user data encryption, TLS 1.3 as the default, and preventative security measures.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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