Go 1.13 makes TLS 1.3 the standard, supports Android 10

Go 1.13 makes TLS 1.3 the standard, supports Android 10


Go 1.13 is compatible with Android 10, enables TLS 1.3 by default, brings a handful of new environment variables and updates prefixes for different literals.
According to the release notes, Go now supports a “modernized set” of prefixes for number literals. For example, the prefix “0b” or “0B” refers to a binary integer literal, such as “0b1011”. Furthermore, Go offers 1.13 prefixes for octal integer literals (“0o” and “0O”) and hexadecimal floating-point literals (“0x” and “0X”). The suffix “i” for imaginary literals can now also be used with binary, decimal, and hexadecimal integers and floating-point literals. In addition, developers now group numbers in number literals using underscores.
Other changes to the language affect the shift count, which may now be signed. The developers may then waive workarounds with “uint” conversions when working with “<>” operators.

Source: https://www.linux-magazin.de/news/go-1-13-macht-tls-1-3-zum-standard-unterstuetzt-android-10/
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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