Canonical introduces IBM LinuxONE III with Ubuntu

Canonical introduces IBM LinuxONE III with Ubuntu


In the Ubuntu blog, Kara Todd, responsible for Linux at IBM, IBM Z and LinuxONE, reports on the deployment of Ubuntu on the new enterprise server for distributed databases and cloud applications on the s390x platform. With LinuxONE III, enterprises can seamlessly integrate cross-stack hybrid multi-cloud platforms and container workloads with Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Paks. The new hardware platform can handle all currently supported Ubuntu server LTS versions. For those who want to use the latest features, Ubuntu Server 19.04 is available. This applies not only to LinuxONE III but also to IBM Z. Suse Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Server are also supported. The community also features images for Debian, Alpine and CentOS-based ClefOS.
In addition to regular updates to the distribution, Canonical provides a set of tools for managing multi-cloud deployments, including Juju, MAAS, and Charmed Kubernetes.

Submitted by: Arnfried WAlbrecht


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