Zabbix 4.4 released

Zabbix 4.4 released


Who does not know it? A system says goodbye when you do not need it, and you realize it much later. For administrators, as well as private users, it is therefore essential to be informed about possible failures already on entering by suitable tools. Zabbix promises to be able to accomplish these tasks and accomplish a balancing act between easy configuration, powerful tools, and free availability. The monitoring system is not limited to Linux, but also provides monitoring agents for many other systems. In addition, Zabbix seeks to make life easier for administrators through easy configuration and customization.
The system consists of independent components. The heart of the system is the Zabbix server. It monitors all logged in clients, starts appropriate actions and constantly collects all available data, which it stores in a database. The server is supplied with information by the Zabbix Agents, which are each installed on a system to be monitored and periodically transmit the status of the system to the server. The communication is bidirectional. The web component is responsible for visualizing the system resources and configuring the server. It can be installed on a dedicated system and accesses directly the data of the server.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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