Samsung Discontinues Linux On DeX Starting With Android 10

Samsung Discontinues Linux On DeX Starting With Android 10


Samsung initially launched the DeX program back with the Galaxy S8. The feature enabled users to turn their smartphones into a desktop-like experience. While it doesn’t reciprocate a full-fledged desktop, it does help users with certain tasks such as opening Android apps on a big screen, opening and editing documents with ease, multitasking with split-screen, and more. Back in November last year, the South Korean tech giant started a private beta testing for Linux on DeX. The idea was to bring a GNU/Linux distribution to a mobile device; Linux on Dex was powered by Ubuntu. The Korean tech giant has certainly disappointed Linux fans; however, it’s not all bad. First and foremost, the normal DeX mode is still operational. This means that once you opt-out from Linux on DeX beta version, you will still be able to use the normal DeX mode. As for Linux fans, the silver lining is that you can still use the Linux on DeX as long as you don’t update your device to the latest Android version.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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