Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Packs Two Awesome New Features For Linux Users

Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Packs Two Awesome New Features For Linux Users


The Ubuntu 19.10 upgrade season is officially upon us, and I’ve been dabbling with several of the freshly updated Ubuntu-based distributions this past week. One of those is Ubuntu MATE 19.10, which has a pair of minor but exceptional new features you might appreciate. Those of us rocking hybrid graphics laptops – these contain both CPU-powered integrated graphics and dedicated Nvidia GPUs – know that Linux lags a bit behind Windows when it comes to “on-demand” usage of our Nvidia cards. Fortunately, Nvidia’s latest Linux driver (version 435) offers initial – and most importantly official – support for PRIME. If a hybrid graphics system is detected, MATE 19.10 displays an option in your panel to switch between three different graphics modes: Intel Power Saving, Nvidia On-Demand, or Nvidia Performance Mode.
Ubuntu MATE 19.10 includes all the new additions to the Ubuntu 19.10 base but gives you more choice in how your desktop is laid out. By digging into your appearance settings, you can switch up your desktop presentation to something more comfortable or familiar.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2019/10/23/ubuntu-mate-1910-has-two-awesome-new-features-for-linux-users/#6f9af64e724e
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