Canonical accelerates Gnome Shell

Canonical accelerates Gnome Shell


According to a post in the Ubuntu forum, Canonical developers have noticed that the Gnome shell in Ubuntu 19.04, which is based on Gnome 3.32, was noticeably slower than other desktop environments. The reason was initially assumed to be the use of JavaScript, but it turned out that JavaScript was only about ten percent of the code in the combination of Gnome-Shell with the window manager mother and was not responsible for the observed slowness. The next guess was that the software was overburdening the CPU or graphics card. But measurements showed that this was not the case. What emerged instead was that the processors were forced to idle too long.
The optimization of the Gnome shell should concentrate on modern and fast hardware for Ubuntu 20.04. Remaining problems that affect older and slower computers should be addressed and solved in Ubuntu 20.10.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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