Machine Learning alone will not find any bugs

Machine Learning alone will not find any bugs


The Microsoft employed developer Sasha Levin maintains together with Greg Kroah-Hartman the so-called stable branches of the Linux kernel. Among other things, Levin uses a machine learning approach to find the necessary patches for improvement. As the developer reported in his presentation at this year’s Open Source Summit Europe in Lyon, he had been repeatedly asked because of his work, whether it could not be found bugs before they are even incorporated into the kernel. The answer is, according to Levin, but anything but simple, as he presents in a detailed analysis.
Because, as many developers know, detecting bad code is not a manageable task. Although there are already a variety of tools for finding errors, such as static code analysis. But from the point of view of Levin, the biggest source of error in the development of the Linux kernel is its development process itself. The developer tries to underpin this with his own analyzes.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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