Filesharing software Pydio Cells 2.0 released

Filesharing software Pydio Cells 2.0 released


With the release of Pydio Cells 2.0, the server according to the developers was further improved and extended with new features. For example, Pydio Cells 2.0 introduces a new annotation mechanism that extends online editing to images and videos. According to the manufacturer, the new functionality should be an alternative to proprietary solutions, without the risk that images and videos are tracked by search engines, for example. The migration tool already introduced in earlier versions of Pydio Cells, which allows for the transfer of data from Pydio to Pydio Cells, has also been expanded and the desktop sync client, which was missing from previous Pydio 8 users, has been completely rewritten for Windows, Mac and Linux released. In addition, the documentation has been revised and the server also released for Microsoft Windows.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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