Fedora 24 Delayed Officially and Ubuntu Needs Direction

Fedora 24 Delayed Officially and Ubuntu Needs Direction


Fedora 24 needs a few extra weeks to rebuild everything with GCC 6 and tonight the request was approved. Elsewhere, Caitlyn Martin had troubles with Debian 8.1 and Christopher Shaw said Ubuntu needs a “firm direction.” Daniel Vrátil reported on the progress with Akonadi saying, “Human-readable formats are overrated” and Ken Vermette posted a book review of KDE Plasma 5.5.

Fedora 24 will be getting a release schedule update very soon thanks to the approval this evening of Dennis Gilmore and Jan Kuřík’s request for more time to rebuild the full codebase with GCC 6 and Glibc 2.23. A 2 to 3 week delay was approved by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee and announced during its regular meeting tonight. They also approved new DBus API for LVM in Anaconda and decided to email a maintainer who’s MIA. The rebuild will start January 26 unless GCC 6 isn’t ready, then February 2. Fedora 24 was to be branched off from Rawhide February 2, but that will be delayed as well. The release schedule hasn’t been updated yet, but one can speculate that Fedora 24 could be released May 31 or June 7.

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