New Nextbit OS based on Android N launching in Q4 with significant...

New Nextbit OS based on Android N launching in Q4 with significant battery life improvements


Nextbit’s marquee feature for the Robin intelligently manages storage by backing it up to the cloud for easy access and restore. Now a new version of Nextbit OS launching in Q4 hopes to deliver significantly longer battery life through similar intelligence too.
The announcement is lacking on specific details and numbers, but Nextbit is not just aiming for longer standby times. The new OS will ensure the “most screen time possible” by intelligently learning user habits and optimizing functions at the system level.
Many OEMs — including Sony’s Stamina Mode and Android’s battery saver — prolong standby times by essentially pausing all background tasks. Announced in Marshmallow, Doze saves battery by collating background refreshes in periodic bursts when the phone is not in use.
It sounds like Nextbit will be using a more nuanced approach and finding what features a specific user prioritizes and wants to continuously function, while halting less used ones. Like with Smart Storage, the power management features will be added on top of Android N and compound power savings.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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