ChaletOS: A Linux that Provides Uncanny Resemblance to Windows 7

ChaletOS: A Linux that Provides Uncanny Resemblance to Windows 7


The Linux platform has seen a surge of new users, who are usually migrating from Windows or at least they are trying Linux for the first time. But often, but they are afraid the interface will be too alien. Some developers think that it’s a good idea to give users something familiar, so that their first experience on the open source platform won’t be all that strange.
For many, the computer interface has always followed the same formula:
Start Menu – Panel – System tray – Desktop icons
With those simple elements, people have happily interfaced with their hardware and done their jobs for a very long time. For those working within the world of Windows, the best take on that formula was (in many an opinion) Windows 7. So, it should come as no surprise that some Linux distributions have adopted that formula to create a desktop with which users would feel a sense of immediate connection.
Linux users do have a large selection of distros to choose from and there are plenty of friendly options out there, but some of the developers want to offer more than a simple implementation of a desktop environment.
“This system is not too different from Xubuntu system on what is based on, but ChaletOS has a style that everyone knows, appealing simplicity and speed that impresses. All this will make them to fall in love with this system quickly. Because of its small hardware requirements it will revive some old machines and refresh others, not so old.”

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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