System Shock Remaster Linux Demo Released, System Requirements Shared

System Shock Remaster Linux Demo Released, System Requirements Shared


Earlier this year a Kickstarter campaign was started to develop a System Shock remaster from the ground up. Not only has that campaign been fully funded now, it has 10 days to reach its stretch goal of $1.1 million that would allow developers to create a Linux and Mac OS port of the game. Right now the game is above $1 million so the campaign only has to raise less than $0.1 million to make this port a reality.
To further help with the process and entice backers in order to pledge some more funds, developers Nightdive have released a free demo of the game for Linux on Steam. There is already another demo for the Windows version available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. This way players can check out the quality of work developers will be putting into the remaster before they spend any money on the project.
This will be Nightdive Studios’ first attempt to bring back one of their first ever 3D games into modern gaming age with enhanced graphics while keeping the original gameplay and story intact.
Back in 1994 when System Shock was originally released, it made a lot of waves in the gaming world. While the game never did achieve blockbuster status in terms of sales, it did receive highly positive review scores from critics and fans alike.

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