Bedrock Linux gathers disparate distros under one umbrella

Bedrock Linux gathers disparate distros under one umbrella


An experimental Linux distribution under heavy development makes it possible to use software from other, mutually incompatible Linux distributions, all under one roof.
Bedrock LinuBedrock Linux’s documentation provides a use example: “One could have an RSS feed reader from Arch Linux’s AUR open a webpage in a web browser from Ubuntu’s repos while both of them are running in an X11 server from Fedora.”
Bedrock Linux uses virtual file systems to map the contents of various distributions into each other. The setup process involves installing one of any number of common distributions, then “hijacking” it to turn it into a Bedrock Linux installation.
x does this without using virtual machines or containers. Instead, it uses a virtual file system arrangement, allowing each distribution’s software to be installed in parallel and executed against each other.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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