Tor Browser 6.0.5 Released For Windows, Linux, And Mac OS X

Tor Browser 6.0.5 Released For Windows, Linux, And Mac OS X


The Tor Project has released Tor Browser 6.0.5 for all major platforms. This update of the popular anonymity software comes with an important bug fix in Mozilla Firefox that allowed an attacker to exploit an add-on vulnerability and inject malicious code. Other changes come in the form of updated HTTPS-Everywhere and a new Tor stable version
While The Tor Project continues to face minor road bumps in the form of security loopholes and administrative challenges, it remains one the most popular means to ensure anonymity on the internet.
Recently, The Tor Project released Tor Browser 6.0.5 with numerous improvements. The new release is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. This self-contained software can run off a USB flash drive to ensure the anonymity of the user.
A major change coming to this release is the important security updates that fix the newly revealed extension update vulnerability. This loophole allows a hacker to obtain a valid certificate for to imitate Mozilla’s servers and serve a malicious update.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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