Ubuntu on Intel Atom mini PCs (Linuxium’s builds for Bay Trail and...

Ubuntu on Intel Atom mini PCs (Linuxium’s builds for Bay Trail and Cherry Trail computers)


Over the past few years a number of companies have released small desktop computers with Intel Atom processors. Some ship with Windows software. Some have Linux. And others have no operating system at all.
Want to install your own operating system? If you’re using Windows that shouldn’t be too hard. But Linux may be another story, since many GNU/Linux-based operating systems lack some of the wireless or HDMI/audio features you may need.
But developer Linuxium (Ian Morrison) has been releasing patched builds of Ubuntu Linux for tiny, Atom-powered computers like the Intel Compute Stick for a while. Now he has gathered a bunch of his builds in one place, making it easy to install Ubuntu on most desktop computers with Intel Bay Trail or Cherry Trail processors.
In addition to Ubuntu, there are downloads available for Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, and Ubuntu MATE (which all share a common core, but which have different desktop environments).

Source: http://liliputing.com/2016/10/ubuntu-intel-atom-mini-pcs-linuxiums-builds-bay-trail-cherry-trail-computers.html
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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