GNOME Software 3.22.3 Lets Users Upgrade Two Fedora Linux Versions at a...

GNOME Software 3.22.3 Lets Users Upgrade Two Fedora Linux Versions at a Time


A new maintenance version of the GNOME Software package manager has been released on the first day of December 2016, versioned 3.22.3, for the GNOME 3.22 desktop environment.
As you might know, GNOME 3.22 got its second and last scheduled point release last month, which also brought us the GNOME Software 3.22.2 maintenance update, but it looks like some bugs needed to be fixed for the graphical package manager used by default in popular GNU/Linux distributions.
And today, we see the GNOME Software 3.22.3 update landing in the stable repositories of various Linux-based operating systems, including the recently released Fedora 25. Talking about Fedora, it appears that GNOME Software 3.22.3 makes it possible to upgrade two Fedora Linux versions at once.
Also new in the GNOME Software 3.22.3 update is a fix for a memory leak with every search request, better support for the codec search window when using the application on the Wayland session, which is now the default for Fedora 25 users, as well as a bunch of improvements for the Flatpak universal binary format support.
It also looks like the Search Results page has been greatly improved when searching packages and it should now display much better results, the spinner state handling on the Updates page was improved as well, and GNOME Software will no longer display a screenshot placeholder for add-ons that can’t have a screenshot taken.

Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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