KDE Frameworks 5 Now Available as a Snap for Snapping KDE Apps...

KDE Frameworks 5 Now Available as a Snap for Snapping KDE Apps on Ubuntu Linux


In a recent blog post, the developer explains how he managed to bundle KDE apps as Snaps while trying to make them as smaller as possible. The size of the downloadable binary Snap and Flatpak packages, as well as AppImage or other similar technology, always appeared to have been an issue for most users.
In order for Snaps and Flatpaks to be adopted by the mass, they need to be smaller, and thanks to the hard work of Harald Sitter, there’s now a Snap version of the KDE Frameworks 5 collection of add-on libraries for Qt 5, which KDE developers are using to develop KDE applications for the Plasma 5 desktop environment.
The idea for the KDE Frameworks 5 content Snap came after Harald Sitter tried to package the KCalc calculator utility as a Snap, which had no less than 70MB in size. “This allows us to share a common core of libraries and other content across all applications, making the individual applications just as big as they need to be. KCalc is only 312 KiB without translations,” explained the developer.

Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/kde-frameworks-5-now-available-as-a-snap-for-snapping-kde-apps-on-ubuntu-linux-510745.shtml
Submitted by: Arnfried Walbrecht


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